Green Cleaning

What is Green Drycleaning?
There are many drycleaners who are using the label “organic drycleaning”, “eco drycleaning” or “green drycleaning.” We are proud to say that we are a green dry cleaner, using a new method of cleaning called “wetcleaning.”

Traditional cleaning uses perchloroethylene, “PERC”, the solvent that is used in 85% of traditional dry cleaning. Newer methods include “wetcleaning” or “liquid carbon dioxide cleaning.” For a detailed explanation of traditional drycleaning vs. some of these new, green methods, please see the Green America summary, or the EPA website.

There are many different techniques that are being used by dry cleaners, and while we can’t speak to what others are doing, we felt that wetcleaning was the best option for our customers and the environment.

What is Wetcleaning, or Green Drycleaning?

Wetcleaning is specifically designed for “Dry Clean only” garments and uses water and biodegradable detergents and miele wet cleaning logoconditioners to clean and protect clothes. We are using a German-made Miele machine that is designed for professional dry cleaners, as well as a new process of pressing & steaming to result in well-cleaned clothes.

No matter the technology, we will continue to give you and your garments the best possible care. If you have any questions about your garments, please ask!

5-Star EnviroStar Certified

envirostars certified logoWe are a 5-Star EnviroStar Certified business. The EnviroStars Program was created in King County, Washington in 1995, as a service of the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program.

Businesses certified by EnviroStars are given a 2- to 5-Star rating based on their demonstrated commitment to reducing hazardous materials and wastes, and implementing environmentally beneficial practices. You are invited to verify our EnviroStars rating here.




As part of the EnviroStars program, we were recognized on a spot on KUOW 94.9 – you can listen to it below.