Our customers have come to trust and rely on us for the 20+ years we’ve been in the Renton and Fairwood community. Here’s what our customers have to say about us:

We have done business with Plaza Cleaners for more than 20 years. Professional service and never a lost garment, but more than that, Young and Kay truly care about their customers.
— L. & P. Chimenti

I have been a customer with Plaza Cleaners for around 20 years and I totally recommend them for both dry cleaning and alterations.
— V. Evans

I have been a loyal customer of Plaza Cleaners since 1995. Kay, Young and their staff are friendly and professional. Not only do they handle my weekly dry cleaning needs but their talented seamstresses are excellent at alterations and making repairs. Plaza Cleaners has never damaged or lost any of my garments. They are also skilled at cleaning leather, uniforms, sleeping bags and comforters. I moved away from Fairwood in 2005. I currently reside 2 minutes from a dry cleaner but would prefer to drive 20 minutes out of my way in order to support Plaza. The people of Plaza Cleaners always greet me by my name and appreciate my business. I highly recommend Plaza Cleaners to people in the Renton/Kent area.
–- D. Alston

I’ve been a customer with Plaza Cleaners for over 20 years! The owners, Kay and Young Sim, continue to provide the best cleaning service in the area. I know I can count on Kay and Young for perfectly cleaned clothes everytime. Even when I spilled salad dressing on a favorite white linen dress, they pre-treated the stain and the dress looked better than new. Through the years, I appreciate the good advice on how to care for certain types of 100% cotton clothes. They have altered clothes at short notice for job interviews and school plays. I know I always receive ten times more value and care than the price on the ticket. They have never lost a single item of clothing and are the only place that my husband felt really knew how to do business shirts. All in all, they have always provided great service, advice and friendship for over 20 years!
— Mary H.

I’ve been a customer of Plaza Cleaners for over 15 years now. I trust them to all my cleaning and alteration needs. I recently had a favorite coat re-lined. I bought the fabric and had Plaza Cleaners alteration expert do the labor. I was extremely pleased. My favorite coat was back in business. The work was beautiful, better than new actually. The seamstress added a needed pleat in the back so that it wouldn’t tear again when stretched. She also re-attached the original tag to the inside collar. My coat looks like brand new!

Thank you Plaza Cleaners!

— B. Johnson